Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big, Purple, and DONE

I finally blocked the Birthday Pi, and then finally got around to taking some pictures!

Here's a detail shot of the final motif and edging:

The center of the shawl:

And the full monty:

This thing is big--for perspective, that's a queen-size sheet it's blocked on.

And here are a few outside shots of the finished piece:

If I may confess, I've never seen much point in modeled lace photography. After all, what makes lace cool is the interplay between positive and negative space, the juxtaposition of light and dark:

Designers and magazines, of course, need clear shots of the finished product so that knitters know what they're getting. But those photos just aren't as interesting.

Granted, I'm no photographer, and the Irishman is terrible. (Why do you think I only have him take pictures when it's absolutely necessary?) But so often in modeled shots I find myself dwelling on the model rather than the knitting.

Not to mention that the best glimpse of the patterning and architecture of a lace piece comes from blocking photos--and magazines never print those!

This may be sour grapes, but nevertheless--aren't these pictures cool?

P.S. Anyone need a tablecloth?