Saturday, September 22, 2018

Too Much to Explain, Let Me Sum Up

Life just gets away from you, and more specifically, from your blog.  You buy a house.  You start singing with a new chorus.  No, two new choruses.  (Choroi, I suppose.)  You adopt another dog.

But you keep knitting, oh so many wonderful things, and you definitely don't want to stop talking about them.

So while you wait breathlessly for further details of Camp Loopy 2013, I leave you with a few photos and a truly wacky pair of socks:

Hat for Pat

As a palate cleanser after the whole baby sweater thing, I knit a bulky-weight hat for my Pet Physicist, who wanted one to use at his jobsite.

PATTERN:  Didn't need one.  I cast on a few stitches and worked top-down, increasing every other row until I had achieved an appropriate head size.  Then I went until I'd run out of yarn, added on the other yarn, and worked ribbing until that yarn was gone.  Easy.

YARN: The blue is my handspun from a Fibernymph 100% BFL braid in "Scylla Beware."  The multi is Classic Shades Big Time in color 814 "Jubilant."

NEEDLES: US 11/8.0mm

NOTES: It's really amazing how much even the worst handspun improves in the knitting.  This is one of the first skeins I ever made (spun in September 2013, according to Ravelry), and it's truly beginner yarn, but it made a nice warm hat, and even matched the commercial grist quite well.  And one can't argue with the results--doesn't he look thrilled?