Sunday, September 28, 2014


Done done done done done and I never have to look at the loathsome thing again.

Tomorrow I am mailing it to Australia.

YARN: Handmaiden Mini Maiden (50/50 wool/silk, 546 yds/100g skein), in colorways Peach Blossom and Jade.  I used all of the Jade and about 60% of the Peach Blossom, so about 850 yards total.

PATTERN: Daybreak by Stephen West.  With . . . modifications, shall we say?  I worked 27 stripes instead of the 20 called for in the pattern, only 5 garter ridges instead of 7, and worked the border in the main color instead of the contrast.

NEEDLES: US 1/2.25mm (pattern calls for US 4/3.5 mm).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not Quite So Speedy

After last week's hectic productivity (I finally finished the Daybreak!), this week has been more sedate.  I've worked more on the sweater for my little cousin . . .

(almost done with the back)

. . . and launched the second Animal Crackers sock.  

My brain is teeming with many ideas for this and that, but I am resolved to remain semi-monogamous until these are done.  Maybe.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Land Speed Record

In just a week, I went from this:

to this:

YARN: Wollmeise Pure (100% superwash merino, 575 yds/150g skein), colorway WD Sabrina.  I used about 115g.

PATTERN: Golden Orchids by Aino Haikala.

NEEDLES: US 4/3.5mm (down from the US 6/4.0mm suggested by the pattern)

BEADS: Random ones given me by my friend Brittany.  Glass with foil lining, no idea about the size.

NOTES: An easy and straightforward knit.  I wouldn't recommend it for the absolute lace beginner, but otherwise have at it. This is going to live with my friend Wendy as thanks for making my wedding dress!

Monday, September 15, 2014

This and That

So I didn't end up finishing my third Camp Loopy project.  *sadface*  Which meant, of course, that come September first I dropped it like a rock in order to finish up the big version of Lapstrake.  (Which is live, now, by the way!  Go buy it!  50% off until September 30!)

Having finished Lapstrake, I immediately cast on for two NEW things, instead of working on one of my languishing WIPs.  Because that's how I roll.

The first is a Golden Orchids shawl for Wollmeise Withdrawal Madness Month, in my very oldest skein of Wollmeise.  (It's not that old.  I'm a late bloomer.)  Here, Gozer assists me by modeling for you (and looking very confused).

The second is a Plaid Jacket for a baby cousin of mine.  (I realize that the link is wholly useless, since it has no pictures and the only project listed is mine, but I will try to take good notes and pictures.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's back to Golden Orchids I go.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I am pleased to announce that after months (and months and months) Lapstrake is finally available!

You'll remember the teaser shots from the contest I held to name the thing, and here it is in all its glory:

This design came about as a result of a Ravelry meeting--Heather posted about a potential blog swap, and I suggested that we collaborate on a project.  She dyed the yarn--in a custom colorway, no less!--and I designed this little shawl.  This project has been great fun from start to finish, and Heather is a great collaboratrix.  I hope we can work together again in the future!

If you'd like to use Heather's yarn to knit your own Lapstrake, go to her website and use coupon code LANA2014 for 20% off!  Even better, mention in your order that you are knitting a Lapstrake, and she will provide you with a coupon code to get a copy free.

If you're too impatient for that, it's available on Ravelry here for 4.50 USD, and until September 30, you can take 50% off with coupon code CLINKER.  Some details:

YARN: T&H Fiber Works Heather's Favorite Sock (80/20 merino/nylon, 400 yds/100g skein) in colorway “Lana” (small version) and Wollmeise Pure (100% superwash merino, 575 yds/150g) in colorway “Krauterbeet” (large version).   Any fingering weight yarn will work well for this pattern.

NEEDLES: 3.25/3.5mm needle or size to obtain gauge.

GAUGE: 20 stitches and 40 rows (20 garter ridges) = 4” in garter stitch, washed and blocked.

SIZE: Small (pink): Approximately 42.5” wingspan and 16.5” top to tip, washed and blocked.
Large (purple): Approximately 56” wingspan and 20” top to tip, washed and blocked.

Huge thanks to Heather for donating her yarn (and time) and to Allison for sending me the Wollmeise that became the large version as a wedding gift.  Thanks are due to my models, Aspen Davidoff, Mickey the cat, Biscuit the dog, and “Touch the Sky" the bronze sculpture.  Also to Pat Harding, who takes pictures for me even when he doesn't want to.  The name Lapstrake was suggested by Ravelry user Tianaeve.  Thanks, Tianaeve!

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Little Yarn Pr0n for Your Amusement

Still knitting away on my Daybreak (and the big version of the green-and-pink-shawl for Heather and the Animal Crackers socks and the mindless socks for my mom . . .), so in lieu of a knitting update, I though I would show some recently acquired pretties.

I have a pretty hardcore Wollmeise addiction and must feed the beast every so often or risk ending up in a yarn store shouting "RIGHT THERE IN THE VEIN!"  A month or so ago, I fed the beast with sock yarn:

From left to right (for some reason the picture is upside-down, but that hardly matters), colorways Holly, Pfauenauge, Tosca, Rubin, and Poison Nr. 5.

Om nom nom nom!  (I especially like the Poison Nr. 5.  It is the dark version of the colorway.  Yummy.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm Back!

I have returned.  We got married.  It was great.  I will post pictures when I have them, including pictures of my fabbo wedding shawl.

On an administrative note, I still haven't heard from Karen B., winner of the blog contest.  Karen, please get in touch!

Update: Karen has been located, and the yarn will soon be making its way to her by postal shark.  Woot!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

And We're Off

Tomorrow, we're heading up to north Idaho to prepare for our wedding on Saturday.

So I won't be posting for a week or so, probably.  I'm sure you'll be bereft.

Gozer sez, don't cry.  I'll be back soon.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Drumroll, Please!

ETA: Karen, I don't have your contact info!  Please email me at

And the winner is . . . Karen B, who wrote "I like "clinker" or "lapstrake" because the lines remind me of viking-style ships."

She was spot on in her comparison, don't you think?

Gokstadskipet, Vikingskipmuseet, Oslo, 2005, Karamell

Lapstrake it is!

Honorable mentions include:

Hotline from Terri D

Lines of Lloyd from Tivity

Take Offs and Landings from Kaitlin (perhaps she is also a Rilo Kiley fan?)

Matrix from Joy

Vector from OneTwistedStitch

Electrical Alternans from Wendy

Thank you all so much for your participation--I totally know where I'm coming the next time I'm stuck on a pattern name.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wherein You Do My Work for Me

So here's the deal, my darlings.  I need to name this:

(The shawl, not the dog.  The dog has a name already.)
It's a fingering-weight shawl, made with one skein of Heather's Favorite Sock Yarn.

Here are some more pictures, for your reference:

I simply can't think of what to call it, which is where you come in.

Leave a comment with your naming suggestion on this post, and the person whose name I choose will receive a skein of Wollmeise.

Specifically this skein:

This is a skein of Wollmeise Pure (100% superwash merino, 150g), in the colorway "Gluckstag" ("Lucky Day.")  (Not incidentally, it would work wonderfully to knit the pattern above.)


1) Eligible comments must be submitted by no later than midnight PST Thursday, August 21.

2) Multiple entries are welcome, but only one skein of yarn will be awarded.

3) Anyone may enter, but an international winner will not permitted to bitch about how slow the mail is.

4) I like pithy names that suit the item in question.  No profanity or lewdness, please.  (Subtle innuendo is okay.)

Go ye forth and name!

And have one more gratuitous Gozer photo: