Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did you guess?

Did you guess what the teaser was?

If you guessed Anne Hanson's Tudor Grace, you're right!

This lace scarf is one of Anne's Little Nothings series, and I'm loving it. Super-simple pattern (I didn't bother to memorize it, but I think I have anyway) and crystal-clear instructions--as always with Anne.

I'm knitting it in Blue Ridge Yarns Bambi (65/35 superwash merino/bamboo, 400 yds/skein), colorway "Waterfall." The yarn is interesting--the bamboo makes it crunchy (for lack of a better word) and, I think, less floppy than superwash often is. I think it would make really good socks. And how gorgeous is this?

I can't wait to see it blocked.

The really exciting thing about this project is that, come November, I'll be teaching it as a class at my yarn store! My boss Doesn't Do Lace, so she invited me to teach this. *squee*

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Another pair of Mindless Socks, in Regia Silk(55/20/25 wool/silk/nylon), of course!

These are 52 stitches for the foot (48 for the ankle) on 2.5mm needles. I think I still prefer working this yarn on 2mms, but this fabric is pretty nice regardless.

And of course I cast on another pair, this time in Pima Tencel (50/50 pima cotton/tencel), color 7779. I knit a pair of socks for my friend Rachel in this yarn ages ago, and they turned out well. These are for the Irishman (which is why they are ENORMOUS).

That's all the progress on the sock front--the Be Mine socks languish unstarted. But as soon as I'm done with some of this lace, those babies are next in the queue!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog? What blog?

Why yes, I DO have a blog. And here 'tis!

Not much exciting going on lately. The Papyrus shawl has achieved big blue blob status, although the blue has been joined by green:

The yarn (Knitpicks Shadow Lace) is really quite nice--the heathering is lovely.

And the colors are good, too.

I've put a few more inches on the Lily-of-the-Valley scarf, which I'm liking more and more. Malabrigo is so scrumptious.

Here's a close-up so you can see the nupps!

I do have other things in the works, but for now I'll leave you with a teaser. Can you guess what it is?