Who am I?

I'm a wannabe designer, sock knitter, lace junkie, and yarn addict, who lives in beautiful northern New Mexico. I do things other than knitting to pay the bills; do let me know if you hear of any job openings?  I have an MA in ancient history, which is why I'm so frequently unemployed.  (Hence the blog handle, incidentally; it was a close as I could get to "knitter" in Latin.)

I am married to The Irishman (who is not Irish, just a loudmouth), and we have an adorable New Mexican Brown Dog, Gozer, who occasionally appears in the blog.  Gozer says hello and would like to chew on you.  Don't let him.
My non-knitting interests include reading, computer gaming, singing, playing the pipe organ and the piano, and being seriously incompetent at bridge.  I also spin and recently purchased my second wheel.  This could be dangerous.
Oh, I'm also unapologetically fat, which obviously comes into play with the knitting. This blog is a diet-talk free zone.  You have been warned.

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