Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympics, Day Hey Look Over There

To distract from my lack of exciting Ravelympic progress, here are some more finished objects. Not really so recent anymore . . .

First, some Mindless Socks:

Once again in my beloved (and discontinued, /cry) Regia Silk. And once again too small for me. I haven't gifted these to anyone--the last, similar pair went to my mother for her birthday. I'll keep 'em on my shelf until I find the right recipient.

Then, continuing in the sock vein, yet more Mindless Socks for my boyfriend, the Irishman:

The astute observer will note that dude has ENORMOUS feet. Just trying to get one to a size that would fit took me six weeks! The second, however, was a much quicker knit once I knew the proportions I was looking for. It's really quite incredible, though; I'll have to get a comparison shot at some point. I have big feet myself, but this is ridiculous.

On the other hand, I don't have much leftover yarn hanging around. So there's that.

My Ravelympic shawl is progressing very slowly, and I'm quite sure I won't finish it time to medal. Boo. But it is a lovely knit, just as Anne Hanson is a lovely person. (And omg I MET HER LAST WEEK!!1111ELEVENTY! Details of which to come.)

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AlisonH said...

They discontinued Regia Silk?! Beautiful socks, though!