Friday, September 5, 2014

A Little Yarn Pr0n for Your Amusement

Still knitting away on my Daybreak (and the big version of the green-and-pink-shawl for Heather and the Animal Crackers socks and the mindless socks for my mom . . .), so in lieu of a knitting update, I though I would show some recently acquired pretties.

I have a pretty hardcore Wollmeise addiction and must feed the beast every so often or risk ending up in a yarn store shouting "RIGHT THERE IN THE VEIN!"  A month or so ago, I fed the beast with sock yarn:

From left to right (for some reason the picture is upside-down, but that hardly matters), colorways Holly, Pfauenauge, Tosca, Rubin, and Poison Nr. 5.

Om nom nom nom!  (I especially like the Poison Nr. 5.  It is the dark version of the colorway.  Yummy.)

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