Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've made more socks than anything else in my knitting career, but, weirdly, the Waving Lace socks are the first I've ever kept for myself. (They're not the first pair I ever knit for myself, though. I made a pair once that were intended for my own use, but I wasn't feeling it and gave them to my mother. Several years later, I was visiting my parents and, suffering a temporary sock shortage, received them on loan. After wearing them all day, I thought "damn, giving these away was dumb." Whoops.)

I like knitting socks for other people--my friend Superquail was the recipient of my first pair, as detailed in my profile--but I decided at some point this summer to knit socks for ME. I have another pair on the needles which will definitely remain in my possession. (Mostly because they kinda suck. More on this later.) And I am plotting further self-sockage.

I'd knit more socks for K, but his tastes are decidedly conservative, and he wouldn't really dig socks knit from, say, stripey Regia. So if I want to knit him something, I have to go out and buy a nice dark gray. In the interest of allowing my credit card to cool, therefore, for the moment I'm knitting from the stash. That's it, yeah, I'm just being thrifty.

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Ily said...

I've always been a little confused by knitted socks, since all the ones I've seen are too thick to fit inside shoes. Did you manage to solve that problem?
And totally off-topic, but it's sad I won't be visiting your part of the state on my trip. A week is not enough! Being on that side of the country makes me wish I could visit everyone in the general area.