Monday, October 27, 2008

Yarn yarn yarn yarn yarn

In this post, I mentioned that I was having trouble resisting the lure of laceweight from Posh Yarn. Well, I, uh . . . couldn't resist. Yesterday, as a birthday present to myself, I bought me some yarn.

First, I bought a skein of Miranda (70% baby alpaca/20% silk/10% cashmere). This colorway is called "Mimosa," which makes me thirsty, but it's definitely a perfect description. Second was a skein of Diana (70% merino/30% silk) in "Mischief." Both are very fine laceweights--now I need patterns to go with them. (And with laceweight you get a lot of yarn for your money--1200 yards a skein!) I'm really grooving on the lace thing and ready to cut my teeth on something more complex than my current project. Neither of these are really in "my" colors--I probably wouldn't normally wear either--so they're probably destined to make gifts. On the other hand, so pretty! Maybe I'd look good in the purple . . . I can't wait for them to get here.

I also have to say, the pricing at Posh is very reasonable. Even with an unfavorable exchange rate and international shipping, I didn't pay any more than I'd pay in the States for good yarn. (Also, if you go back and order more before anything's been packed, there's an option to note that and not pay for further shipping.) I've never ordered from them before, but if the yarn is as nice as the people and the prices, I'll for sure be ordering again.

Photos credit Posh Yarn--thanks, Dee!

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