Monday, December 15, 2008

Lace: the continuing saga

So the lace knitting referred to so mysteriously hither and yon was the Wild Flower Shawl designed by Dee of Posh Yarn.* The reason I kept it mysterious is that it was knitted as a birthday/Christmas gift for my dear friend Jane, who reads this, and of course I couldn't spoil the surprise.

I used two different yarns, Schaefer Yarn's Anne (60% merino/25% mohair/15% nylon) and Dale of Norway Baby Ull (100% merino), as I wasn't sure I'd have enough Anne to complete the edging. This, I admit in retrospect, was a mistake. Despite both being fingering weight, the Baby Ull is much poofier and knits up more firmly than the Anne, at least on these needles. This resulted in some . . . interesting challenges when it came to attaching the border and blocking. Despite all that, though, I ended up pleased with how it looked--eventually.

But it looks pretty wretched now, eh? This is the shawl pre-blocking, all rumpledly and out of true. The edges rolled up, everything was uneven, I didn't know WHAT in the world I was going to do with the point. In all honestly, I thought I'd made a gigantic mistake and would have nothing to show for my efforts. Little did I know! Check in next time for my ventures into blocking.

*I'd like, once again, to express my fangirlesque admiration for this site. Such pretty yarn, such nice people.

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