Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mmmmm . . . brioche . . .

So I mentioned that I wanted to make a Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf a few posts back. A clunky, if descriptive, name; I shall call it simply Brioche. I knew exactly what yarn I would use the moment I saw the pattern. I bought some Alpaca Silk last summer, with the vague notion of making myself a scarf. I could eat this yarn, it's so delicious. I have four colors: Plum (128), Amethyst (129), Wisteria (114), and Blush (133), so the plan is stripes. I'm not quite sure how it'll work with the pattern--I may have to sneak in a few knit rows, but I think the curves will hide any color jogs. This is typically me--I follow patterns exactly as written . . . except when they don't say what I want them to say. Then I just alter them and pretend. Another example: the pattern calls for worsted-weight, but the Alpaca Silk is DK. It'll just give me a slightly looser scarf, no biggie. And mmmm, alpaca and silk.

I've cast on and begun knitting, but I haven't reached the first of the cables (or a point to switch colors) yet. Further bulletins as events progress.

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