Saturday, January 31, 2009

Travelling complete (in more ways than one)

Sorry for the delay in posting--I went out of town unexpectedly last weekend, and of course it put me behind all this week. It was a good trip, though, in many ways. For one thing, I got to see Jane! We were headed in perpendicular directions, so we met up for dinner and catching up along the way.

Before I carelessly abandoned my duties here, however, I did unpin my blocked scarf. And Thursday, scarf and I went outside for a photo session. Behold:

Pattern: Travelling Roses by Leanne Cooper. Needles: Takumi No. 1 US (2.25 mm). Yarn: Diana (90% merino, 10% silk) from Posh Yarn.

The Diana is wonderful stuff. It knits up into a warm, soft fabric with just a little sheen to it.

It looks so dark against the snow, but in sunlight you wouldn't even know it's the same scarf.

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