Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yarn from China!

So I open this package from my friend Superquail, and inside is YARN. Tons of it, all the way from China. I was completely blown away.

Now for some close-ups! SQ kindly included the yarn info for me (very kind, given that I don't read Chinese). These are 94-5/5-6 wool/acrylic. What do you think? Some scarves and hats? It's hard to see in the sunlight, but the blue is striped like the purple.

This yarn's label claims that it's 100 percent domestic wool . . . and 10 percent acrylic. To quote SQ, "not sure how they managed that." Whatever it is, it sure looks like sock yarn to me.

The stuff on the left is a gorgeous laceweight--50/50 angora/acrylic. I'm thinking shawl, or maybe a stole . . . The stuff on the right is 60/40 Australian wool/acrylic, about a worsted-weight (leaning toward an Aran, I think). The label informs us that it is "Pulim Exquisite knitting wool of woolen pattern."

Oh dang, I didn't get another picture of the last skein. It's the black stuff right in the middle of the first photo, an acrylic bulky-weight. A very chic scarf out of that one, maybe?

This was such a lovely surprise--it brightened my day completely. Thanks, SQ!


AlisonH said...

Very cool!

Superquail said...

I am so excited to see the projects you come up with!! And, of course, if there is anything you feel you need to have more of, all you need do is ask!