Sunday, July 19, 2009

Designing thoughts

I've launched an ambitious project (just in time to start moving . . . I really have the world's best sense of timing): I'm designing a lace shawl. It was inspired by the recent purchase of several KnitPicks Lace Samplers, which have lots of yummy laceweight.

I'm using Shadow (100% merino) in "Jazz." And here's what I have so far:

Bad photo is bad, but you can see the gist. I think it's going to be pretty . . . if I can work out all the math.

The concept is pretty simple--I wanted something watery (inspired by the "Atoll" colorway sampler), so I chose this fishtail pattern. Looks appropriately ripply, no?

This designing thing is interesting. This is not only my first real effort at designing lace, but it's my first time thinking about the flexibility and readibility of a pattern for other people. Nyx and Aspen have already demanded volunteered to be test knitters, so there's a guaranteed audience for this one. Just thinking about really formalizing the pattern makes me a little dizzy, though. I don't know how Anne does it. Speaking of which, I read a fair number of knitting blogs, but Anne's is the only one that really delves into her designing process. Anyone have a recommendation for another designer's blog that gets into the knitty(hee)-gritty?

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