Monday, July 13, 2009

The Endless Sweater, Part One

So I mentioned that I was knitting a sweater. The sweater in question is the Boyfriend Sweater from Hip to Knit.

I love this book. The patterns are very clear, and her instructions are excellent. Thus, I have only myself to blame for the rocky start I had. First, when I bought the yarn (Bemidji Woolen Mills Original Homespun), I didn't have the pattern on me, so I guessed on how much I'd need.

I guessed wrong. And when I ordered more online . . . I bought the wrong color. /facepalm.

No problem, I hadn't planned on using a contrast color, but it would still look nice. I soldiered on and swatched. Enter much swatching angst. We'll pass over that as both boring and aggravating. I was ready to cast on. But . . . I didn't really like where the cables on the sweater were placed.

This is why I shouldn't knit other people's patterns. I only mess with them anyway. Math complete, I finally cast on . . . and promptly made a mistake in the ribbing. Rip rip rip. Ribbing done! Hmmm, wasn't I supposed to switch needles after the ribbing? *sigh* Rip rip rip.

So you see before you the sum total of my progress. This thing is going to take forever.

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