Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bad blogger, no cookie

I've been terribly busy lately, and in consequence I've neglected not only this blog but the knitting blogosphere in general. With the holidays coming up, however, I should have more time to blog. And I've been knitting! Lots of things! Really I have!

Actually, I've been knitting a lot but I haven't felt that I've gotten much done, which is such a frustrating feeling. So a good part of my holiday relaxing is going to be devoted to finishing up various WIPs and planning knitting to come. Meanwhile, I give you this picture of a kitty:

He loves yarn too!

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AlisonH said...

Did you see the "I found Yarnia!" on A cat in front of a table, paws stretched out, displaying a cat-ified mess of all kinds and colors of unravelled yarn. Eureka!

Your cat looks quite satisfied with himself and his little bit of yarn. Not too much, just enough to play with--perfect.