Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Candy cane

We've had some excitement around here lately. Remember the big storm that knocked out power to much of the DC area? We had power, fortunately, but we were without internet until this morning. Ah, sweet, sweet internet, how I have missed you.

And I have things to share. Among them, the candy cane scarf is finished!

Yarn is Venezia Worsted (70/30 merino/silk) in colorways 101 (white) and 104. This yarn is just a dream to work with (although somewhat splitty, especially if used with pointy needles.)

Pattern: my own, based on the Fleck Stitch from Knit and Purl.

Remember how I was going for 60"? Uh, try about 75. This is me, demonstrating the finished product. I may have overshot the mark a ~tad~. But no worries--I think it's very nice anyway, and it will keep someone nice and warm. (Isn't my pineapple shirt cute?)

Now on to scarf number four, and I'm not sure what I'll do. I'll have to go stash-diving and see what's appropriate. And I don't know if I'll just do my thing or seek out a pattern that someone, y'know, actually wrote down. So many options . . .

Also, it is the Irishman's birthday. Happy birthday to my main squeeze!

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