Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Year of the Sock: February

So far so good! I finished the second of the Faux Fair socks:

Then proceeded to wear them away from the photo shoot, as they are comfy and awesome.

I've made substantial progress on the second Big Black sock:

But knitting it is boring, so it's been superseded in entertainment terms by this:

Which is a Twisted Angle sock. This pattern was designed by a friend from my hometown, who gave me a copy and said "knit this and tell me what you think." So I am and I will!

I do need to get cracking so that I have two socks to show for February. I'm thinking the "pair a month" thing doesn't work so well, since I tend to have so many pairs going at once. Then again, maybe it's just the tedium of the Big Black sock that is wearing on me. The Yarn Harlot makes it seem so easy.

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