Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress Is Made, Albeit Slowly

When last we spoke, I was knitting an Aeolian and some Fir Cone socks. I am STILL knitting an Aeolian and some Fir Cone socks, but progress has been made:

I'm past the heel and well up the leg on the first of the socks. (Stupid Irishman and his giant feet.)

And I'm working the first transitional chart on the Aeolian:

Of course, lace just looks blobby before blocking, but the recipient assures me that she likes it so far . . .

The reason I haven't gotten further on either socks or shawls is that I was working on a sweater pattern to submit to Knitty. I missed the deadline, so that project is going into hibernation for awhile. Don't worry, it will be back someday.

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