Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camp Loopy Mark Two

I'm a little discombobulated these days (planning a wedding will do that to you), so I'm not even telling you what I'm knitting for Camp Loopy until it's already done.  Whoops.

But anyway, the inspiration for project two was our favorite spot to vacation.  Mine is my hometown.  For example:

Just another day on the Palouse
(Follow the link for the photo credit and to see more beautiful pictures.)

There, much wheat is grown.  So naturally, I knit a Whole Wheat Cardigan.

Here is the left front, fetchingly posed with Gozer as a backdrop.

And here are both fronts and the back, on a pillow, as Gozer was unavailable.  (He must have been out eating yard mushrooms or something.)

As I mentioned above, the sweater is actually complete, but I'll leave all the details for a FO post.  I still need proper pictures.  I didn't even try with the Irishman; he always somehow makes me look deformed, as if I've hastily slapped my glass eye or prosthetic chin back on for the photo.

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AlisonH said...

That sweater is gorgeous!