Friday, May 8, 2009

Back to the stash

My lovely friend Nyx sent me this Silky Wool, and I haven't decided what to do with it. It's about 200 yards, sportweight, 45% wool/35% silk/20% nylon (color 47, "Griege"). There was controversy over the fiber content--the label on the yarn proper reads 65% wool/35% silk, but evidently KFI was called out for it, as their website now lists the correct content. It certainly has that slightly squeaky feel of acrylic (although we're not talking Red Heart here).

I could combine it with the red and gray alpaca--they're almost exactly the same weight--but I'm reluctant to do so. For one thing, it would go well with either the red OR the gray, but not really both together, which would leave me with one lonely skein a-begging. For another, the difference in the fiber contents might feel odd in something made of such a fine yarn. What say you, blogosphere? What should this wool become?

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