Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A plug

I realized the other day (when posting about the last pair of Mindless Socks, in fact) that my beloved Regia Silk had been *ominous music* discontinued. Now, aside from the loss of an excellent--if expensive--sock yarn, this left me with a poser.

You see, I have lots of leftover ends from previous sock projects, and I'd always intended to get some solid-color Regia so I could use up the ends as heels and toes. I am a thrifty knitter. But obviously the discontinuation of the yarn kind of put a wrench in that plan.

I took to the internet, determined to find whatever I could and buy it before it got away. That's how I stumbled across Carodan Farm. I'd never heard of them before, and my only interest in the site was their large supply of plain white Regia Silk. (Also, the price was good.) So I ordered a few skeins and sort of forgot about it for a few days.

But when it came--I was very impressed. The yarn is its nice self, of course. But as well, it shipped within just a few days of my ordering--definitely not always the case with smaller companies--and arrived the day after it was shipped. Also, it came with a prize! This darling little ruler, which is so wee and cute I can hardly stand it.

And the invoice had a hand-written note of thanks, signed by one of the owners. It's these little touches that take the dread out of online ordering--for me, anyway. I urge you to check out the Carodan website and support 'em if you're so inclined. They have a line of yarn spun from their own sheep, which is very reasonably priced (the worsted-weight is $6.95 USD/200 yds) and they're having a sale on sock yarn right now . . .

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