Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Once again, I'm rather boring--still plugging away at the cardigan. I finished the other front and I'm now firmly on Sleeve Island. On the bright side, I seem to be looking good gauge-wise, and when I took my first sleeve off the needles to check fit, it was fine. Something I found interesting , too: based on the pattern info, it was going to take about eight skeins of the homespun to make the sweater (seven of the main color, one of contrast). I'm about halfway through the ball of contrast, so that should work perfectly with one more cuff and the neck and front edges to knit. Of the main color, though, I'm only on the fourth skein. Unless the sleeves somehow take twice the yarn the fronts did, I expect I'll have about 450 yards leftover--more than two skeins. Maybe I'll knit a matching scarf.

Otherwise, I've been plotting out Christmas knitting--there are lots of men in my life who'll be needing scarves, I think, and some other folks who rate socks. I don't knit socks for just anyone. Glad I'm getting the jump on it now, though; I think I have rather a lot to do . . .

I did finish these:

Another pair of Mindless Socks, in SWTC's Tofutsies, 50/25/22.5/2.5 wool/soysilk/cotton/chitin, size 0/2mm needles. This is the leftover yarn from the Waving Lace socks I knit for myself last year.

I mentioned it back then, but it's worth mentioning again--I love this yarn. It can be a little awkward to work with, but it knits up beautifully. It's also a great value--$16.50 or so for a 100g skein. This is less than you'd pay for the same yardage of many sock yarns, and I got not one but two pairs out of this skein, making it even more economical. And it's cute!

Said completed socks are now wending their way to a friend who lives far away. I hope she likes them.

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