Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blood, sweater, and tears

The Endless Sweater is complete! *tah-dah* (Please ignore how awful I look in this photo. This was the best picture of the sweater. See how I suffer for my art.)

Pattern: Boyfriend Sweater from Hip to Knit (52" size). Yarn: Bemidji Woolen Mills Original Homespun (225 yds/skein), 4.75 skeins oatmeal heather, 0.5 skein natural, for about 1150 yards total. (Way less than the estimated 1500, by the way; I have two full skeins of the oatmeal leftover.)

These pictures were taken by my friend R3, who was getting a little revenge for the time I forced him to model a scarf. That's sparkling cider, not champagne. That didn't stop us, of course.

Modifications: I moved the cables seven stitches in toward the neck on both sides. They'd have been in my armpits if I'd knit them as written--as it is, I could have moved them a little further still. I omitted the patch pockets over the cables and instead left gaps in the side seams for pockets there.

Here's a close-up I took of the buttons, which are incredible handmade glass I got at my LYS. They remind me of dried apricots, only less edible and more beautiful.

Notes on the pattern: it was a relatively quick and easy knit. Most of the measurements were accurate (I got stitch gauge but not row gauge); however, the sleeves were far too long at the 21" called for. I removed the cuffs, ripped some, and knit shorter cuffs. The sleeves are still a bit oversized, exactly what I wanted.

All in all, a very satisfactory knit. I've been wearing it around all week, and it's just perfect for early fall.


AlisonH said...

It's beautiful! And so are you, celebrating in it--enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE the buttons! And the sweater is beautiful too. But the buttons! I would totally let the Other Mother sew those onto my eyes!

Stay cozy!



Rachel said...

You are so fucking cute.

 I allowed to swear on a knitting blog?

Rachel said...

Whoah! I have to wait for your "approval"?! I don't need no stinking approval. Approve this *moons computer*

Rachel said...

Ok, I'm sorry. That was just the chocolate talking. Normally I'm not like that. You know me, I can quit anytime I want. I swear.

Rachel said...

Seriously though. You and your sweater are toats cute. I hope you don't mind that I started reading your blog. I love knitting blogs and it makes sense that I would finally start reading yours. Hope all is well in Mary-land. OH MY GOD!!! I totally just made that up. It's like when I used to torture you about having a "Mary Christmas" only this one is sooooo much better 'cause it makes sense. Oh I crack myself up.

Well dear, hearts heading your way and always remember, "Stay away from the brown acid."


Rachel said...

P.S. Can you get me one of the super-modelquins' autographs?

Lanafactrix said...

Dude, I'm thrilled you're reading my blog! We need to talk more than once every decade.

Also, I swear on the blog, so I think you're okay.