Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sprightly Socks

I was obsessed with the Wollmeise colorway "Iris Sibirica" pretty much from the moment I saw it.  I finally managed to lay hands on a skein last winter and, finally done gloating over it, cast on a sock toe in mid-February.

Then I promptly cast it aside because I have the attention span of a particularly flighty magpie.

You know what happened next--thwarted from making further progress on my Moyen Age, I picked the poor neglected thing up once more, and BAM.  INSTASOCKS.

These are seriously addictive to knit, people.  I'm not sure I should sell them, to be perfectly honest.  The world economy might grind to a halt while the sock knitters neglect their jobs and homes to knit Sprightly Sock after Sprightly Sock.

But I can't keep them to myself--they deserve to be out among their people.

So without further ado, the Sprightly Socks--put a little spring in your step!

Purchase it here (and take 50% off with coupon code "SPROING"!)

These would be a great place to start for someone who knits a lot of socks cuff-down but has never knit toe-up socks before, or someone who has cut their teeth on the Mindless Socks and is looking to something a little more challenging.  The rectangle toe-up cast-on and German short-row heel both have photo tutorials!

(They would also be excellent for those clown-barf multis in your stash that you never quite knew what to do with.  This is how much I care.)

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