Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Is Not a Pipe

Nor is it a blog, as it has no pictures, which are surely the sine qua non of bloggery, no?  (Note my subtle working of a Latin bon mot into the conversation.  This is why I spent all that money on college.)

But sock the first of the obsessive pair is done, and I am about three inches up the leg of sock the second.  If I knit diligently (and monogamously), I'll have it done by the weekend and the pattern polished enough to release by next week.  But this leaves me with something of a dilemma.

As is usual, I knit this pair of socks to fit myself.  But I don't think my feet and legs will photograph well in the pattern--it needs someone with narrow feet and skinnier calves so the stretch of the fit won't interfere visually.  And I'm not sure I know someone here whom I know well enough to ask to be a sock model.

Imagining the ensuing Craigslist ad has me crossing my eyes.

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