Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Startitis

I think spring has finally arrived here in New Mexico, and I have got startitis BAD.  So far I've managed to confine it to one new project:

This is the beginning of a pair of Animal Crackers socks (designed by a nodding acquaintance of mine who is an awesome guy, incidentally).  Very much liking them so far.  To the extent that I am neglecting both my designing and my Moyen Age.  The yarn is not quite so vivid in real life, more of a rich deep raspberry.  Wollmeise Twin, of course.  (I kind of went on a WM binge last year.  I will be knitting from stash for awhile.)

Speaking of my Moyen Age, no appreciable progress since last time, but I did take updated photos.  Actually, I guess I didn't tell you I finished my sleeve.  And the picture does not deceive you: that, on me, is a bracelet length sleeve.  I TOLD you my arms were short.


I also got a decent picture of the sleeve cable:

Have I mentioned that I love this yarn?  I'd link it, but sadly the dyer doesn't seem to have an internet presence at all.  Which is a shame, because it's divine.  (Maple Creek Farm Yarn "Portland" [50/50 silk/merino] in case you come across her at a festival or something.)

I have so far kept the startitis contained by a) leaving the socks upstairs so I am forced to work on the Moyen Age when I'm downstairs and b) planning new projects but not actually casting on for them.

Not sure how long this will work.

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