Friday, June 25, 2010

Malabrigo nom nom nom

This time, just a little yarn pr0n. Because yarn takes the edge off, y'know?

I try very hard to avoid buying much yarn, because I don't have much space, and I already have more yarn than I could reasonably knit in a year, even if civilization were to collapse and take away my access to Posh Yarn.

On the other hand, if civilization were to collapse I could totally stop going to work, so maybe I should buy more yarn.

Anyhoodle, my Achilles' heel is weekly knit night at WoolWinders, where I'm regularly exposed to wool fumes. I'm reasonably resistant . . . but not to Malabrigo. To be fair, I'm not sure anyone is truly immune to Malabrigo. I mean, look at it:

And by "it" I of course mean "the laceweight I may or may not have purchased two skeins of because LOOK IT'S GREEN."

And then there's this:

Now, you've got to understand. I'm not really a pink person. (Well, in my dye preference. In my actual skin, I am an extremely pink person.) I'm definitely not a pastel person. But look at this. It looks like cotton candy threw up a cloud. And I am helpless before it.

I should knit this stuff quick to get it out of the stash before it breeds.

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AlisonH said...

It's Malabrigo. How could you not, I mean...! Enjoy--and, apparently they're coming out with a worsted weight yarn like their Sock yarn, ie actually plied and that will wear well without pilling. I know--I snagged a test-marketing skein at a shop in San Francisco recently and would have loved to have had more of it. Clearly, though, it's coming, and man oh man is it soft. Yay!