Friday, May 9, 2014

State of the Lanafactrix: Knitting Edition

Now that you're all caught up on what I've been doing that ISN'T knitting . . . here's what is.

The Rose of England proceeds apace.  It's past where it was before I discovered my horrible error of the other day, even.  Not that you can really tell.  It's still a giant white blob.  But I have reached the final chart for the smaller size.  So "soon" (read: in another 30 rows) I'll have to decide whether I'll stop there or continue.  It pretty much depends on how much yarn I will have used, because the KAL requires a minimum of 1000 yards.  Heaven knows I have more than enough on the cone.

I haven't worked on them much since starting the Rose of England, but I do have non-blogged progress on my Animal Crackers socks to report--I'm past the heel turn.  See?  Still a nicely written pattern that's turning out a nice project.

Mostly this week I've been devoted to the piece I'm designing for Heather--everything but the very last finishing is in place, conceptually, so I've been trying to push through version one so I can take version two with me on vacation next week.  (More about that later.)  So really I'm going to be terrifically boring for the duration.  Sorry.

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