Friday, August 22, 2014

Drumroll, Please!

ETA: Karen, I don't have your contact info!  Please email me at

And the winner is . . . Karen B, who wrote "I like "clinker" or "lapstrake" because the lines remind me of viking-style ships."

She was spot on in her comparison, don't you think?

Gokstadskipet, Vikingskipmuseet, Oslo, 2005, Karamell

Lapstrake it is!

Honorable mentions include:

Hotline from Terri D

Lines of Lloyd from Tivity

Take Offs and Landings from Kaitlin (perhaps she is also a Rilo Kiley fan?)

Matrix from Joy

Vector from OneTwistedStitch

Electrical Alternans from Wendy

Thank you all so much for your participation--I totally know where I'm coming the next time I'm stuck on a pattern name.

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