Friday, August 15, 2014

Things That Do Not Escape Notice

One of them is that I knit a fair amount of socks.  Another is that I am a loose knitter of the most wicked and egregious kind.

As a result of the latter, I knit the former on small needles--my usual preference is for 2mm--and generally toe-up for a better fit.  (Also because I find casting on and ribbing tiresome.)  This results in a great many wee little balls of leftover sock yarn.

What to do with so many?  Sometimes I trade them away to hexipuffers or blanket-square-makers.  Sometimes I use them as scrap yarn for holding live stitches or that sort of thing.

But in this instance, I made an actual project.  Behold!

This is a Wingspan, knit on size 2/2.75mm needles out of a variety of sock-weight yarns.  And you might well recognize more than a few of them.

Why, there's my Tudor Grace, and Barb's socks, and a few pairs of socks for the Irishman, and some Woodsmoke socks, and my Ravelympics 2012 project, my mom's Sprossling, and even (I think) some beaded mitt leftovers.  

For cohesion (and since I had a ton of the yarn), I used the Bambie to knit the first and last wedges as well as the strip connecting all of them.  I think it came out rather nicely.

The pattern was good travel knitting while I was traveling to, from, in, out, and about Cyprus last year--I finished while there, washed and "blocked" it (no real blocking needed, just laid out and shaped on a towel), and left it behind as a gift for a future visitor.  The absolute best travel project--one that makes room in your suitcase for more yarn.

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