Monday, August 18, 2014

Wherein You Do My Work for Me

So here's the deal, my darlings.  I need to name this:

(The shawl, not the dog.  The dog has a name already.)
It's a fingering-weight shawl, made with one skein of Heather's Favorite Sock Yarn.

Here are some more pictures, for your reference:

I simply can't think of what to call it, which is where you come in.

Leave a comment with your naming suggestion on this post, and the person whose name I choose will receive a skein of Wollmeise.

Specifically this skein:

This is a skein of Wollmeise Pure (100% superwash merino, 150g), in the colorway "Gluckstag" ("Lucky Day.")  (Not incidentally, it would work wonderfully to knit the pattern above.)


1) Eligible comments must be submitted by no later than midnight PST Thursday, August 21.

2) Multiple entries are welcome, but only one skein of yarn will be awarded.

3) Anyone may enter, but an international winner will not permitted to bitch about how slow the mail is.

4) I like pithy names that suit the item in question.  No profanity or lewdness, please.  (Subtle innuendo is okay.)

Go ye forth and name!

And have one more gratuitous Gozer photo:


Terri D. said...

Hotline. It should be named Hotline.

Anna M said...

Name it "You Can't Take the Sky From Me" because it reminds me of the lines in space when you are warping through it.

That line is a Firefly reference.

Katherine Ruiz said...

chiroptera because it reminds me of bat wings

Emily said...

Working the Angles

Wendy said...

Hawkwing? Harrier (the raptor, not the cross-country runner or the British jet)? There Is No Dana, There is Only Zuul?

Heather Hertziger said...

Zuul, because it is obviously approved of by Gozer the Gozarian. :)

K McMahon said...

It reminds me of pterodactyl wings.


Karen B said...

I like "clinker" or "lapstrake" because the lines remind me of viking-style ships.

Emily said...

36th Parallel

ivyadrena said...

"Mainline" or "Derezzed"

Kellie Tatem said...

How about Trickle Down, Dividing Lines, Split Lanes, Split Take, or Disintegration?

Ack!Tivity said...

Lines of Lloyd (the lines remind me of his style of design)

theluckielizard said...

Spine Tingler

Jeremy said...

Missile Command. . Make sure you put a disclaimer on it that it won't actually command missiles. It's an Atari game reference. Should I win, I will knit that shawl with that yarn.

PlazaJen said...

Moirai - the Greek Fates. They snipped the length of a mortal's life when they were born. Of course you know this. And, I realize it's not super cheerful, but I always had that image of them, spinning, measuring, snipping in my head & when I saw the varying lines crossing the pools of color, I instantly thought, "The Fates", and the Greek name is pretty.

Katie said...

Line It Up

Kelsey Martin said...

Break the Lines

Jen Pester said...

Since this lovely shawl reminds me of dragons, I say you should call it "Dracarys" the command for the dragons to breathe fire in GoT

Unknown said...

It reminds me of notebook paper. Maybe Composition Notes

Kaitlin said...

Beads of Water

Kaitlin said...

Take Offs and Landings

Kaitlin said...

Mountain Ridges

Diana Keating said...

Crossed Lines

joy said...

I know this is probably more the variegation in the yarn but at a glance it kind of reminded me of all the data code strings from the matrix movies ... so I would recommend "Matrix" ... and then you could just hand deliver that little lovely to me ... joy

Sandi Bragdon said...

"Groove line"

Emily said...

Flight Line. Flightlines.

Sandi Bragdon said...

"The line forms to the left"

iamtheinfidel said...

Double Time because it looks musical to me. (or Two Timer)

But if you want to take advantage of football season, go with Half-Time

Jaye Renee said...

End of the Line!

Veeeens (on Rav) said...

In all caps, because that was how my five year-old brain interpreted the shawl.

Mary Ellen said...

Unknown Pleasures, because is sort of reminds me of that iconic Joy Division album cover.

emc said...

It reminds me of a bat wing or a dragon wing. So I think you should name it Daenerys because she is the Mother of Dragons after all.

Tiffany tnwebb611 from Rav said...

That is a gorgeous pattern! I like "Standing to attention". It can be a bit cheeky and the lines makes me think of soldiers lined up for inspection.

Kit said...

City Line... because I work on City Line Rd and this reminds me of the rows of buildings there.

Lisa Messina said...
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Lisa Messina said...

Broken Plaid. Tangental Tartan.

Sara ilikestring from rav said...

Pretty in pixels

Alex Levine said...

Twisted Dreams

Mandii said...

The lines look like the water streaks along car windows when driving in the rain...I think you should call it Streaks or Water Streaks.

Kallieen said...

Dot Matrix

Abbieprime said...

The lines on this strike me as really Streamline Moderne - and specifically make me think of the Chrysler Airflow ( ) - so I propose either Streamline or Airflow as your shawl's name.
Whatever you pick, it's super pretty and I will queue it immediately when it's published!

Kelly said...

Linear Dream or Linear Thoughts

Rachel R. B. said...

Here are some of my ideas:

Vineyard Ridgelines
Dragon Wing
Chiroptera Ridges
Cheshire(some of the lines are vanishing like the cat, similar colors too)
Vanishing Peaks
Fading Stitch
Plateaus and Peaks
Magenta Gridline

Hope you enjoy reading these :)
I am on ravelry as yarnaddict12.

Kris S. said...

Carpathia. As in Vigo.

Emma said...

Some like it fast or some like it quick.

Looks like it would be a nice quick knit.

SasuNaruJunkie said...

Perpendicular Parkway
Perfectly Perpendicular
Parallel Perfection
Linear Laneway
Slight Segment
String Theory

Just a few thoughts. I am OneTwistedStitch on rav.

Anonymous said...


I am giacchina on Rav

Heather Holmquest said...

It looks like highway traffic light trails to me, so with that seed, my brain generated:

Light trails
Light beams
Greased lightning
Light streaks
Long exposure
Stars at warp speed, or just warp speed
Neon night lights

Neat idea! Hope your find the right name. In lacysleeves on rav. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Train Tracks, or Tracks
Or Sled Tracks (yeah, I have a one-track mind, lol)
Pulling the chain
Wings Rising
Star Shine
Rays of Destruction

I'm Happyheart on teh Rav

wenchlette said...


Erika Ward said...


It looks like the sorts of doodles that I doodle.

Anonymous said...

I'd call it Holy Batwing, because the raised ribs remind me of bat wings.
Jolandaknitssocks (rav name)

AlisonH said...

Eagle's wing

Dear Maggie said...

The colours make me think of early morning, how about Twilight Sunrise .

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of the patterns on a badmitton birdie, so I would say Birdie.

I'm dgg515 on Rav.

Rozaroni said...

Lightning strike.

Wendy said...

Electrical Alternans- it's an EKG rhythm in which the large spikes alternate between a lower and higher voltage (which reminded me of the raised stitches in the pattern). Bad news for the patient but a striking pattern for a shawl!
Here's and example:

Miss Sandra Gordon said...

Scalene Every Mountain
Oblique Chic

(Geometry silliness)

Brendon and Eilean said...

Ornithopter - after da Vinci's drawings of human powered flight