Saturday, November 8, 2008

In which I am a hypocrite

So you remember how I was "sooooo busy" and I didn't "have any time" to make anything?

Erm. Well. May I introduce you to the newest members of my household?

This is the beginnings of a Travelling Roses scarf, in Posh Yarn's Diana, colorway Mischief. It's very fiddly and tiny, but I think it'll be really lovely if I can get past the knit three togethers and such. Speaking of which, I'm having trouble making some of the decreases with my customary wooden needles. If I keep having these difficulties, I may have to get over my aversion to metal needles. They do say Addi Turbos are the best for lace . . . This scarf doesn't really need a circular needle, though--it's only 51 stitches and fits easily onto my 7" DPNs. I don't even need point caps to keep the stitches from escaping.

As well as the fiddly knitting, I cast on a sock for something plainer. This is Regia Silk (55% merino/25% polyamide/20% silk) colorway Nairobi. I lurves it so. It's a dream to work with, and the colors are fascinating. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy seeing the stripes form and which colors come next. It's a toe-up sock, a new departure for me--I wanted to get the most out of this yarn, so I grabbed the nearest toe-up pattern and cast on. I'll be deviating very heavily from said pattern, so I have ~no~ idea how this'll turn out. (If people want, I can talk more about toe-up construction and such in another post?) But in the meantime, this will be good mindless knitting.

Also, I got my Ravelry invite! Please come find me if you're already on (I'm Lanafactrix there as well). I'm such a noob to the site--I don't hardly know what to do with it.

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Rachel said...

I have a set of addi Turbos and I heart them. Usually I only buy wooden needles but the yarn store didn't have any that were the right size so the woman sold the addis to me at the same price as the wooden ones would have been. They were delightful knit with.