Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stuff I knit once

Introducing an irregular feature: Stuff I Knit Once. I've knit quite a lot of things, and although most of the lot is in other hands, I've kept a fair amount. Either because I liked it or because it wasn't really suited to give away . . .

Here, then, is a little scarf I knit I think December 2007. It's a gorgeous chenille touch-me yarn, just about worsted weight. (I've of course lost all information about the yarn, which I'm sure I bought on clearance.) I tried a funny sort of dropped-stitch pattern of my own devising, which, as you can see, didn't really work. I was aiming for an effect like so, where it's stretchy and a bit airy:

Overall, however, it ended up more like a loopy-ass mess.

I think with a little revision this pattern could work (if I remembered what I did), and it sure is comfy. I've never actually worn the scarf in public, mostly because I'd have to find a proper pin. And accessorizing is not really my forte.*

*Case in point: I demanded yesterday that K tell me what color my earrings were, because I'd thought I was putting in blue ones and they turned out to be pink. I was very confused.

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