Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy busy

These have been a busy few weeks for me, with school and K and everything, so things have been slow on the knitting front. (Not to mention that my current projects are redefining "eternity" stitch by stitch.)

But something exciting DID happen yesterday--in my mailbox was a package from Posh Yarn. My birthday yarn had arrived! And boy oh boy is it goooooorgeous. It's currently sitting on the chair next to my computer so I can fondle it whenever I please.*

In consequence of the eternal projects and the new yarn's advent, I've got a wicked case of startitis. I want very badly to begin this scarf in some yarn I bought last summer . . . I want to start a new pair of socks in Regia Silk** . . . I want to cast on something with my Posh Yarn--I don't really care what!*** But my sensible side tells me that I have little time to knit as it is, and not nearly enough to devote myself properly to a new project. Maybe if I am very, very diligent at the lecture this week I can finish K's scarf. And I may or may not have begun winding up the Diana, just to see what it's like . . .

Also, if you're from the US and you haven't already, vote today!

*What, you don't do that? Why are you backing away like that?

**I don't care if the dye lots don't match, damnit, it was on sale.

***Although I have been having fun looking for more challenging lace to knit. Details forthcoming.

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