Monday, November 10, 2008

Stash dive!

In the interest of keeping the readership entertained between actual projects, I thought occasionally I'd dig into the stash and show you some stuff I don't quite know what to do with or simply think is awesome.

To that end, I give you: wool. This is 100% alpaca, about 130 yards per skein. I visualized it as a scarf the first time I saw it--a nice, stripey scarf. But there are some problems with that. It's sportweight, so to make a winter scarf it'd have to be knit very densely, and I have less than 300 yards to play with. It might end up as the world's shortest scarf. I could knit socks, but that would require the enormous pain of reinforcement thread. It's soft, but it might be too scratchy to wear around my neck, so I think it'd have to be a gift scarf if that's how I use it. It's not light enough for lace, it's not heavy enough for socks . . . what say you?

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