Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting Is the Same in French

Remember the Lily-of-the-Valley Scarf from way back when?

I frogged it.

What can I say, I just wasn't feeling it. The nupps weren't showing properly, the yarn was too busy for the pattern, it just wasn't gelling.

So rather than knit something I wasn't going to be happy with, I ripped it and cast on this:

It is an Allégresse, and I am very pleased so far.

If you follow the link, you may note that the pattern is available only in French. You may consequently be thinking "what the poop?!" I actually do read French (very, very poorly), but in this case I don't need to read it at all.

"Hold the phone," you're thinking. "How do you knit LACE without reading the pattern?" Why, with a chart, of course! I love charts. They are universal, simple, portable, and simplify even the most complex of patterns.

The next time someone tells you they could never knit from a chart, you have a new carrot to dangle in front of them--bilingual knitting!