Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh my GAWD

So I've mentioned that the Irishman, despite having enormous boat feet, is a pretty swell guy. Several weeks ago, for our anniversary, he removed all doubt.

Apparently, months and months ago (probably while blocking something big on the living room floor), I mentioned that I'd really like a proper blocking board.

He remembered this.

Fast-forward to when I opened my present and found this:

We have a policy of being strictly honest about gifts (mostly because both of us are incredibly bad liars), so I said something like "oh, honey, it's perfect! But a little small for what I normally knit . . ."

Whereupon he got a MASSIVE grin on his face, said "too small, eh?" and hauled a enormous package out from behind the bookcase. That package held this:

Yes, that's a piano in the background. And yes, he got me not one but TWO blocking boards, small and large. He said he figured I could put them together if I needed to, or use them separately for smaller things.

He totally won our anniversary.

I'm excited about finally blocking something this weekend--Allégresse is almost complete. Weeeeeee!

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