Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Makes a UFO?

What I'm thinking about today is UFOs versus WIPs and how one moves to the other. If you look at my Ravelry page (Please do! Friend me! I'm so lonely!), I have comparatively few WIPs. Right now, it lists six of them, but this is misleading--both the mobius and the papyrus shawl are actually complete, but waiting on pictures/pattern release to move to finished. So I only have four other projects going, and they all serve specific purposes.

The Irishman's Big Black Socks are portable knitting for the metro or the movies--something I can do a row or two on without having to think. Ditto the Faux Fair Isle socks, which aren't seeing a lot of love because the Big Black Socks are currently filling their conceptual niche.

I have mentioned before that I work at a yarn store (best job EVER). In the downtime, we are allowed--nay, encouraged!--to knit. It seems gauche to knit yarn I purchased elsewhere, so I always have a project in a yarn available there devoted to yarn store time. That project is currently Allégresse.

It's simple enough that I can knit it while talking, and I like the results.

My last WIP is a hat I'm knitting along with my beginning knitting class. I'm following a simple pattern from Hip to Knit. (And no, I'm NOT distributing photocopies. Don't do that, wouldn't do it.)

Being hopelessly kinesthetic, there's no way I could teach anyone unless I was doing the exact same thing. So . . . hat!

There you have it, four WIPs . . . and not one a UFO.

I couldn't tell you why, but it's very rare for me to leave something inactive for a long period of time. Maybe it's just what little Type A is in my personality, but I hate having unfinished knitting. I don't see how other knitters cheerfully leave projects undone for months, even years at a time.

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AlisonH said...

I have a few long-undones, but it itches me. I like to get things done. On the other hand, there have been times I suddenly needed something done yesterday for someone and come to find, hey, I have the exact project/color/whatever already halfway done, waiting to be rediscovered--cool!