Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Always with the socks

Since it's November, in honor of NaNoWiMo and its various counterparts, I'm going to try to post every day. Think I can do it?

I don't promise pictures, and I don't promise real content . . . but I bet I can come up with something every day.

So here's today's.

I get this thing when it gets cold outside where I want to knit socks. Since I always want to knit socks anyway, that means a veritable explosion of sock knitting lately.

I finished the Be Mine socks, of course. Here's another gratuitous picture, because they're so very pretty:

There's the Irishman's Big Black Socks, which continue to be big and black:

I'd gotten this one almost to the heel turn before but had to rip back to the increases because it was actually TOO big. (I blame the inelastic yarn for this. Somehow.) Knitting socks for him is truly a labor of love, what with the ENORMOUS FEET. Yet I persevere.

And then there are these little beauties:

They're Mindless Socks pattern--the Irishman's are on larger needles, of course (US 2.5/3.0mm), while the Regia are on 0/2.00mms. I've never worked with the latter yarn, but I think it's going to wear beautifully, especially at such a tight gauge.

You will be seeing these socks again as they crawl glacially toward completion. I've gotta develop a more zen attitude toward plain sock knitting.

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